Victoria Cooper, M.A. MBSR                                                  310.770.6064
                                                                              Marina Del Rey, California

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                                     Treatment Modality

            Your road to recovery begins with the establishment of a positive and trusting relationship with me. We form an attuned connection, whereby I actually feel what you are feeling. This is called psychobiological attunement. This relationship will provide you with the SECURE ATTACHMENT that was most likely not part of your experience with your original primary caretaker.  We will determine your attachment style and this will help you understand why you behave the way you do. Your attachment style will most likely fall under the rubric of insecure anxious, insecure avoidant, or disorganized/disoriented.

            Using the technique of MINDFULNESS, you will start to explore your “dark side” and all the fears and uncomfortable feelings that you were covering up with your addiction.  You will not have to experience these dark feelings by yourself. I will be with you all the way, and you will feel a sense of safety rather than shame. Once you feel safe and accepted, you will be able to work on integrating the parts of yourself that you were trying to hide.  Another benefit of your “earned” secure attachment is that you will be better equipped to deal with life’s stresses. In addition, the relationships that you have will be healthier than before.

            A secure attachment is a main component of mental health. As Dr. Allan Schore says, humans need to be part of an “open dynamic system with an emotionally responsive human being in order to be able to cope with the stressful chaotic dynamics that are inherent in every human relationship.” Your new healthy relationship literally changes your brain so that your corticolimbic system, which is the seat of your emotions, is better organized and more efficient. A critical connection is made between the right orbitofrontal cortex and the amygdala, the brain’s fear center. This new connection enables the orbitofrontal cortex to manage the amygdala, resulting in a lessening of anxiety.

            Another tool for recovery will be COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY. This modality teaches you how to reconfigure your thoughts from negative ones to empowering ones. You will get in touch with your strengths and understand that you have the capacity to manage any cravings that appear.

            Before completing therapy, we will devise a POST-TREATMENT PLAN that will provide you with the kind of structure and support system you need in order to maintain your sobriety.


            At this final juncture, you will KNOW yourself, ACCEPT yourself, RESPECT yourself, and have the CONFIDENCE you need and desire in order to rebuild a life that is HEALTHY and SATISFYING.


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